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 Commodity :

1-LPG , 2-Gasoil 1%,  , 3- Condensate  , 4-Naphtha , 5-Fuel Oil (280 & 380 CST) ,

Fob : Iran port


1-seller send SCO

2-buyer send loi +fill  registration form

3-after seller confirm buyer  , seller issue PI

4-buyer issue MT799 as POF and received POP via seller or seller bank

Note:-first and second transaction  is SPOT in vessel and after 2 successful SPOT, then buyer can sign  long term contract

5- Buyer sign SPA and pay 30% advance for the total value of the cargo or issue MT760 unconditional.

6- Seller confirm advance or MT760 and bank document of buyer.

7- Seller and buyer following of below steps:
7-1. Seller’s signed commercial invoice in one plus three copies
7-2. 3/3 original Clean or board charter party B/L marked freight prepaid plus 3 copies issued or enclosed to the order of buyer Company
7-3. Certificate of Origin to be issued by chamber of commerce in one original plus two copies
7-4. Certificate of Quality & Quantity as well as certificate of vessel cleanliness issued by an international independent inspector (preferably SGS) in one original plus one copy (inspection charges to be for Buyer’s account)
7-5. Packing List in one original plus two copies.
Any balance amount owing to either party will be settled promptly upon receipt of final invoice/debit note.
– Third party documents except seller’s commercial invoice is acceptable.
– …. B/L, and Charter Party B/L are acceptable
– Trans Shipment & Partial Shipment not allowed

Registration of purchase request of petroleum products:

  • Articles of association as well as company’s registration certificates.
  • Names and particulars of the main shareholders of the company.
  • Full particulars of applicant and its activities in petroleum products business for last four years (e.g. brochures, catalogues, etc.)
  • Financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss statement) for last four years, audited and approved by an internationally reputable auditing firm.
  • Financial and credit references at least from three prime European banks acceptable to seller  and their readiness to open L\C for the applicant in favor of seller .