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MPCI Company with the benefit of expert personnel and using the potential of big companies and foreign designers and contractors, the ability to design and construct of units that associated with the oil industry such as refineries, small and average production – and hydrocarbon processing plants, oil, gas, petrochemical and fuel storage tanks.

Employing experts with the necessary technical knowledge, and compliance with international standards of design and construction of the project in a short time, increasing production efficiency and optimize product quality, lowering costs, the export of products for possessing the necessary standards and shortening the break-even investment point. For this reason MPCI now because of the extent of consumers of petroleum products in different regions in Asia, Europe and Africa and having full information about the target markets, can consultant in the decision-making, and preparing feasibility studies.

The company having sufficient knowledge of internal capabilities and direct lines of communication with international companies and parts manufacturers in building efficient mobile devices could provide the necessary devices and components manufacturing units in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

The main activities of the company in the context of the design and construction:

-The transfer of modern engineering to manufacturing-producing companies using international standards

-Projects engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)

-Export of technical and engineering knowledge across borders

-Management (MC)

-Take contracts to build, operate and transfer (BOT) With the participation of international companies

-The possibility of signing contracts for the construction, acquisition and operation ( BOO ) With the participation of international companies

-Design and implementation planning and project control systems (PPC)

-Capital and cash flow performance management system (CFM )

-The possibility of signing contracts for engineering, procurement, construction and financing ( EPCF ) the presence of large companies who deal with international technology MPCI

The company preparation and cooperation in the fields of construction and design projects for oil, gas and petrochemical industries in Iran and other countries as well. As well as individuals and institutions a comprehensive plan or plans of feasibility (PFS) can benefit MPCI financial capabilities and engineering services company.

In addition, to have a bilateral cooperation, international design and construction companies that have fourth-generation technology, as well as design, construction and operation in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical, can contact with the central office or get in touch through the web site of MPCI Company.